Mark Weber is a Sneaky, Duplicitous, Self-promoting Little S...

You have now disparaged Holocaust Revisionists as "cultists" and "fanatics". Yet for seventeen years you have been posturing down at the IHR as their leader. For seventeen years you have solicited financial contributions to support you in a job you now profess not to believe in. Does this not make you a fraud, Mr. Weber? Since you have misrepresented your real feelings for years and exploited the gullibility of those who believed in your false pretenses, should you perhaps refund all monies you have collected, both on your own behalf and on behalf of the Institute For Historical Review?

There is a legal principle known as "good faith and fair dealing", Mr. Weber. Have you acted in "good faith and fair dealing", Mr. Weber? Are we to believe that you came to your conclusions regarding the futility of Holocaust Revisionism only recently? Or is it more probable that you have carefully concealed this perspective from those you have been deluding for years? There will be those who will pounce on your betrayal as "proof" that Willis Carto was correct when he denounced you as a "Scientology agent". I refuse to believe it. Rather, the betrayal merely confirms what those who knew you in your National Alliance days already know-that you are a sneaky, duplicitous, self-promoting little shit.

Do not think that anyone is deceived by your change-of-course, Mr. Weber. You have been a failure your entire life-and you shall remain a failure. The best way to hasten your demise is for all supporters of the IHR to cease all financial contributions and to refuse to purchase any IHR products. Then, Mr. Weber, we can all bid you a fond farewell-as you sink into well-deserved oblivion.

Bill Guru

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