As a historian and director Mark Weber has been an utter failure

No one in the entire world has done more harm to holocaust revisionism
than Mark Weber, the director of the Insitute for Historical Review.
A major problem at the Institute for Historical Review is that the members of
the board of directors are either brain dead or madly in love with Mark
Weber. Harvey Taylor, one of the directors, seems to be both and is, therefore, far beyond the reach of any intelligent discussion about Weber.

However, there are two other directors who may listen to reason. So,
regardless of where you stand on the subject of Weber's fitness to
continue as director of the IHR and waste the rapidly declining assets
of the IHR, give them a piece of your mind. Those two individuals are
also attorneys and may listen.

Gerald J. Domitrovic
727 North Waco Avenue --Suite 210
Wichita, Kansas 67203
telephone: (316)-264-3711

John B. Todd
1487 West Hays Street
Boise, Idaho
telephone: (208)-424-1132

Friedrich Paul Berg


"Mark Weber is driving the IHR right into the ground" - Ingrid Rimland Zundel

IHR's disgraceful new "hq"
10605 Lawson River Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 593-9725

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