Mark Weber is a Con Man

The rank and file of the Revisionist movement have "gotten wise" to Mark Weber. Your laziness and incompetence have done enormous damage to the IHR, and it is now plain for everyone to see. Your "work" at the IHR is simply a "retirment hobby," a con game in which you acquire a weekly pay check to help make your child support payments. In fact, you have betrayed and conned the entire Revisionist movement. In my opinion, years ago it was a mistake of mamouth proportions when you conned us all to back you during the height of the Carto-IHR conflict. Thank God you failed to acquire the millions of dollars from the Farrell Bequest--you would have wasted it all away. Your enemy Willlis Carto is not perfect, but the fact of the matter remains is that Carto produces: Carto gets things done: Carto builds effective organizations. Just compare Carto's record to yours.

Paul Grubach

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