Mark Weber - The Indolent who Failed the IHR

Mark Weber continues his stream of calls for donation dollars, both through the IHR website and his Constant Contact list. The 2009 taxes filed show donations brought in $195,000 for that period, so why is he asking for even more donations?

You see Weber is using the IHR as a personal sinecure, $47,000 per year

A position or office that requires little or no work but provides a salary.

Weber's Record of Failure

1. Cancelled the Journal of Historical Review.

2. Cancelled the yearly IHR conferences.

3. Cancelled the IHR Update Newsletter

4. Cancelled the IHR weekly internet radio show Worldwatch

5. Cancelled new book projects, resells books that can be bought cheaper elsewhere.

Mark Weber attends himself to writing an article once in a while, appearing on obscure internet radio programs, copying and pasting OTHER people's news stories for his News & Comment service.

Mark Weber lived at the expense of a wealthy Nebraska revisionist, the late William Curry, for ten years, ostensibly writing a book that would be the "final word" on the Holocaust. No such book has ever materialized even though it was Curry's dying wish that the book be published. With the resources of the IHR at his command, Weber could have his book published almost overnight. Does this book exist or was Weber exploiting Mr. Curry?

Thus is the craven and duplicitous nature of Mark Weber.