Mark Weber - Of sinecures and dungeons

Of sinecures and dungeons
A comrade observed:

The IHR has provided a nice sinecure for Mark Weber.
People do not willingly give up sinecures.

si-ne-cure (sini-kyoor, sini-)n. 1. A position or an office that requires little or no work but provides a salary. 2. Archaic. An ecclesiastical benefice not attached to the spiritual duties of a parish.[From Medieval Latin (beneficium) sine cura, (benefice) without cure (of souls) : Latin sine, without + Latin cura, ablative of cura, care. See CURE.]–si’ne-cur-ism n. –si’ne-cur’ist n.

Excerpted from American Heritage Talking Dictionary
Copyright © 1997 The Learning Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Well, if we weren’t all facing the gulag and extermination I would say let the man be selfish. But we are.

What I learned from the 2002 document cited above is that he used machiavellian tactics to cement his hold on power, and if that meant the leading revisionists left, all the better for Mark Weber.

If MW has a soul, he is in peril of it. I have given him every opportunity to have a co-director, to work harder and even to have a competition eastern US-western US for six months.

Not interested, not interested in anything but himself.