Paul Grubach discusses Mark Weber and the current Revisionist Crisis

Dear Friends,

Of late, Mark Weber is generating a lot of news stories on the web sites of the enemies of Revisionism. The bees nest that he has stirred up has no sign of going away. There will probably be much more written about him in the near future by the enemies of Revisionism. Among other things, Weber has drawn erroneous conclusions in regard to diaries of Joseph Goebbels. This has done damage to the Revisionist movement. (I will address this issue in the future.)

At this time, I would like to address another important issue that surrounds Weber. In recent his recent fundraising efforts for his IHR that is on the brink of extinction, Mark Weber has made this claim: "In this critically important struggle, no comparable institution matches the IHR's record of focus, achievement and resolve."

This is blatantly false, and I think Mark Weber knows it. Let me start out with this simple point. Under the fine leadership of Richard Widmann, we Revisionists have created the online Revisionist journal, Inconvenient History. I would be quick to point out that we are not paid for this work and we do the work in our spare time. Now, contrast this with Mark Weber's record. As former IHR editor, Ted O'Keefe, so rightly noted, Mark Weber is the world's only salaried Revisionist. Revisionism is supposed to be his full time job, for which he is paid around $45,000 per year. Yet, Weber does not now, nor has he ever, produced an online Revisionist journal, despite the fact that he has ample time on his hands to do so, and he is adequately paid for his labor. As a former IHR employee pointed out, Weber would rather sit around, type out lengthy correspondence on this computer, chit-chat about current politics, talk on the phone to his wife and friends, and send out newspaper clippings to about 1000 people. (the employee was in a position to closely observe Weber's work habits for many years.) And, oh yes, every once in a while he speaks on an obscure radio talk show, writes a short essay for his web site, or sponsors an "open house" in which about two dozen people show up for food, drinks and "spirited conversation." Weber does very little of any real value.

Directly contradicting what Weber wrote, the IHR under Weber's leadership has demonstrated a lack of achievement. As a leader of the IHR, Mark Weber has driven the once thriving think tank to the brink of extinction. He destroyed the Journal of Historical Review; he destroyed the IHR's book publishing arm; he destroyed the IHR newsletter; and he destroyed the yearly IHR conferences. After years of prodding, the lazy Weber briefly sponsored a weekly Internet Radio Broadcast. But, like most of Weber's projects, it disappeared in a short time.

Weber has a proven inability to get his work done. Many years ago, he was supposed to write a book entitled The Final Solution: Legend and Reality. Weber never finished the book, even though he had ample opportunity to do so. If this demonstrates anything at all, it shows Weber's lack of focus and resolve to get a job done. Now, contrast this record with that of Germar Rudolf. Germar, who is no longer active in the Revisionist movement, was hunted around the world by the German government, and he operated on a miniscule budget. Yet, despite all of the adversity that this brave Germanic dynamo faced, Germar produced two journals and a countless number of books!!!!

One more example: Brad Smith. Revisionist spokesman Smith operates on a very miniscule budget, and he is recovering from cancer. Despite this adversity, the good soldier Smith still produces a monthly Revisionist newsletter. Yet, the healthy Weber who took in millions of dollars over the years from donations, has next to nothing to show!!!!!!!!

For years, many people told Weber to move the IHR to a less expensive location in order to save money. He refused to do this. It was only after Weber literally drove the IHR to brink of extinction that he chose to move the IHR to a less expensive location. Did he do this to save his approximately $45,000 per year salary????

In past fundraising letters, Weber refers to the "robust sales of educational materials." A large proportion of the books and tapes he sells were inherited from the glory days of the IHR, when Willis Carto was in charge. The Weber-led IHR has produced very little of real value.

Mark Weber led the charge to drive Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby and Spotlight out of business. Weber defeated Carto and company in court, and Weber took in about one million dollars from Carto. And what does Mark Weber have to show for his years of legal battling and the one million dollars taken from Carto? Next to nothing!!! The IHR in on the verge of extinction!!!!!!!!! Once again, directly contradicting what Weber wrote in his fundraiser, this shows a lack of achievement, resolve and focus on Weber's part.

Now, let us compare Weber's record to that of his enemy, Willis Carto. The elderly Carto lost his home, Liberty Lobby, and his Spotlight. Yet, Carto and company arose from the ashes, and went on to create the American Free Press and the Barnes Review. It is Weber's enemy Carto that demonstrated focus, achievement and resolve, and not Weber.

What is Mark Weber to do???

This missive is not meant to degrade Mark Weber. If I've said it once, I've said it one thousand times, Mark Weber (in my opinion) is an outstanding writer, speaker and debater. I believe he could have been an outstanding historian. Let us hope that Mark Weber acquires some real resolve and focus, rises to the occasion, and uses his obvious talents more productively. Only time will tell if Mark Weber can show some backbone and arise from the ashes like his enemy Willis Carto did.

In addition, let us hope that Mark Weber publicly addresses the claims of the anti-Revisionist writers that continue to use his essay, "How Relevant is Holocaust Revisionism?" as a battering ram against the Revisionist movement.

So, if Mark Weber shows substantial improvements in his productive output, and he publicly addresses the claims of the anti-Revisionists who are using his material against the Revisionist movement, I for one would be willing to "cross the aisle," shake hands and welcome him back to the Revisionist movement.

Paul Grubach

NB: Weber is beyond salvation he must be 'kicked to the curb' ... his lazy and indolant behavior MUST BE punished!

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