Mark Weber has Failed as an Editor, Failed as a Publisher and Failed as a Historian.


By Bill Guru

In his standard style, Mark Weber pretends that he has contributed greatly to the advance of Revisionism. And what proof does he adduce? Why, events of the 1980s! Mark Weber dredges up his testimony at the Zundel Trial in Canada as proof of his contributions to Revisionism. Leaving aside the fact that the testimonies of Faurrison, Leuchter and Irving were far more convincing than his own testimony, what has Mr. Weber done since taking over at the IHR to promote Revisionism? In a word, nothing. All the real research and writing that made the IHR world famous was achieved before Mark Weber came on board. Since then, Mark Weber has offered nothing but reprints from now deceased authors. Mark has made the IHR Journal both obsolete and defunct. He now screams that Revisionism is becoming politicized. (How shocking.) Professor Faurrison, who has done the original research which Mark Weber never did, is using the Holocaust Hoax to attack Israels brutalization of the Palestinians. What is wrong with that, pray tell?

Mr. Weber emphasizes that Bradley Smith's anti-Holocaust activities arent going so well, either. At least Bradley tries. That is more than Mark Weber is doing. Mark Webers excuses become ever more lame. The hard fact is that Mark is a do nothing. He has neither business nor management sense. He has failed as an editor, failed as a publisher and failed as a historian. He has no more excuses to offer. He should be relieved without further ado.

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