Is Mark Weber a Hindrance to Revisionism?

Ingrid Rimland Zundel

I told Ernst I would not get into the frey in a major way, but inside I am seething. I always liked Mark for his outstanding memory of important facts and his impeccable courteous manners, and I intensely disliked him for having run the IHR right into the ground, hogging the limelight as if the IHR existed first last and always to owe him a living at the expensive of other activists. Ernst and I have long felt that the revisionist ground work was finished and we had to move on, stopping the bean counting, and employing other means of reaching the masses, but please proactively. Never for a moment did we think, must less assert, in a submissive way that the result of all the work of decades, all the research, all the sacrifices of so many decent and committed people would end up being described by (Mark Weber) as nothing but a "hindrance".


...Ted O'Keefe speaks to my heart, She quotes Weber on a radio show saying "of course the IHR believes in the holocaust ".He called Ingrid Zundel, said he was concerned about what Ernst Zundel would think of him. She must confess it was his obvious remorse for saying something that dumb, touch me, and I told him, we all say dumb things under ambush, but I have never forgotten this admission by Mark Weber, I will bite my tounge and keep to myself what Ernst, still languishing in prison for a lifetime of commitment to revisionism thinks of Mark Weber now.

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