Commentary From Revisionists on Mark Weber

No, Weber is clearly not a revisionist and actually hurts revisionism. But this is actually quite old, Germar Rudolf wrote about Weber's laziness or incompetence before he was arrested (he didn't know, but suspected, that Weber wasn't a revisionist). He probably just hangs on to I.H.R. because it's a sinecure and he can't get a real job anywhere else.

Frederich Paul Berg

Mark Weber is not a revisionist. Listen to the shows that Michael Collins Piper on RBN did recently, at least four in a row, where he outlined all the evidence that Mark Weber not only helped to destroy Liberty Lobby, but also tried to ruin Willis Carto.

Not only do Piper and Carto have low opinions of Weber, so does famous Attorney Mark Lane and the late William Pierce, whom Weber tried to use and scam money out of.

Let's face it, when a 'revisionist' announces to the world that 'revisionism' is no longer 'relevant', you have to wonder what, exactly he's up to. Relevant to what? He claims that even if the revisionists were successful in exposing the Holohoax, that Israel won't change its genocidal policies, as if that's why we do what we do.

He's simply lying. During the court case between Liberty Lobby and Willis Carto, it became clear that many of the people around Mark Weber were powerful Jews and non-Jews with connections to the ADL and even the Mossad. This, in and of itself, is disturbing to say the least.

Yes, his website continues to publish revisionist articles, but I believe that's only for show so that he can continue to grab the money that he stole from Willis Carto in the fraudulent lawsuit that he brought against him. If you listen to Piper's shows, you'll realize how sick Weber really is.


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