Paul Grubach Responds to a Defense of Mark Weber

It was written: "Your negative obsession with Mark Weber is unseemly and harmful to the cause of truth, in my opinion. It would be better for each of you to try your best to write and speak and publish, and may the support flow proportionately to whomever is the most effective."

Grubach responds. Directly contradicting what this person wrote, my concern about Mark Weber's wastage of Movement money is both right and good. Just look at page 3, Part III of Weber's/IHR's tax return. From 2004 until 2008 Weber took in a whopping total of $1,407,442!!! And what does Weber have to show for it??? Next to nothing! Weber destroyed the Journal of Historical Review, the IHR's book publishing arm, the IHR's newsletter, the yearly IHR conferences, and the IHR's Internet Radio broadcast. And Weber's destructiveness does not end here. Weber led the charge to destroy Willis Carto's Liberty Lobby and Spotlight, and he did nothing to replace them.

My point is that all of the money that is wasted on Mark Weber's IHR could be put to very good use elsewhere.

Grubach wrote: "Weber may be legally hiding his income under some other category."

The response to this was: "Such wild, unsupported insinuations are also potentially very harmful to many good people -- Mark's family and children, LSF staff, writers, et cetera -- and our cause.Your unsupported nonsense also contains an implicit assumption: that
minimizing the receipts of the regime in Washington is somehow immoral. I don't accept that assumption."

Grubach responds. Directly contradicting what this person wrote, my claims were not "wild, unsupported insinuations." On page 7 Part VII, it states that Mark Weber had no Reportable compensation from IHR/Legion for Survival of Freedom. Yet, on page 10 Part IX of the same document we learn that $51,480 was paid out in "Compensation to current officers, directors, trustees, and key employees." In Column B we learn that $46,332 was paid out for "Program services and expenses." Is this how Mark Weber was paid?? What his payment put under another category where his name need not be mentioned?

Grubach's Closing Statement. Since he has taken over the IHR, Mark Weber has done more damage to the Revisionist/patriot movement than the ADL could have ever dreamed of doing. And unless we openly discuss the damage that he done, we will never come up with a solution.

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